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Thank you for entrusting the Team at Napoleon & Richard Legal with your Property Purchase.

Please complete the form to the right and our Solicitor with carriage of your matter will email you confirming receipt and advising the next steps.


**PLEASE NOTE: If the property is being purchased by more than one person, each purchaser must complete separate forms.

Name *
Please include all Given Names in the "First Name" field.
What is your Date of Birth? *
What is your Date of Birth?
Are you purchasing under a Company Name? *
If not, please enter "N/A"
We're collecting this information to determine whether you may be liable to pay surcharge stamp duties that may be imposed on foreign investors.
If the property is being purchased in more than one name, how will the parties own it? *
Joint Tenancy means you will both own 100% of the property in equal shares. Upon death, the property passes to the surviving joint tenant. Tenants In Common means you each own a defined share of the property (which can be unequal) and forms part of the Estate of a deceased party. If the property is being purchased in a single name please select "N/A".
If the property is being purchased in more than two names, please select "Other" and we'll clarify with you in our next communication.
Is the Seller a related entity? *
Do you personally know of, or are you a relative of the Seller? This can trigger investigations by the Office of State Revenue to ensure market rate has been paid for the property.
The Office of State Revenue requires this information to be able to send you important documents relating to the property.
If not, please enter "N/A"
Further Information can be found at the following web addresses: ACT - NSW - NT -,-royalties-and-grants/stamp-duty/examples-of-duty-and-rates QLD - SA - TAS - VIC - WA -
Will you be overseas or interstate at any time before settlement? *
We'll make a note to ensure you're available to sign documents during settlement or seek extensions early on account of your travel plans.
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